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Luna's Story

4Luna's Heart Inc. was created by Francesca & Vincent Ramirez who's daughter Luna Celeste Ramirez was born with a very rare undiagnosed congenital heart defect in January of 2019. Luna's condition Coronary Ostial Atresia is so rare that it has never been documented before.

Luna was born with an anomaly in both coronary arteries. Her left coronary was non existent and her right coronary artery formed on her heart itself therefore not allowing any oxygenated blood to flow to her heart. Luna's only chance of survival was a heart transplant. Sadly, Luna passed away 2 days after birth. 

Luna's condition was only diagnosed at birth. 1/3 of babies with congenital heart disease are not diagnosed till after birth and 1/3 of babies with congenital heart defects are not diagnosed until the baby falls ill or dies. Francesca & Vincent were so shocked by Luna's diagnoses & death that they created 4Luna's Heart Inc. They are dedicated to spreading awareness for CHD. Along with spreading CHD awareness they also use art to help support the healing of bereaved parents.

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